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From concept to execution, Haibike ePerformance bicycles feature a high degree of innovation, advanced design, and engineering. Haibike entered the US market in 2014 with an established brand history in Europe. Haibike started in Germany in 1995 by Winora Group president Susanne Puello, and her husband Felix, but its roots date back to 1914 when […]

New 2021 Haibike AllMtn 7 in review –aggressively priced trail rocket with a Yamaha PW-X2 motor

25.08.2020by Jonas Müssig Haibike are breaking new ground with the 2021 Haibike AllMtn, a stylish eMTB with a new look that is aimed at fun-loving trail riders. Read on to find out what the € 6,199 AllMtn 7 with its Yamaha PW-X2 motor is capable of. Before we get into the review, we would like to […]

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